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deltatre AG has a comprehensive suite of facts and figures on the German Bundesliga. Our expert editors interpret, organise and analyse all the relevant data.

Our stats package:

Pre-match report:

  • Strength/weakness analysis of opponents
  • Historical match statistics
  • Referee's record
  • Week's league table
  • Bundesliga ranking for a particular subject
  • Player comparison by season
  • Player head-to-head comparison
  • Opponents' star player
  • Key facts about the opponent

Post-match report:

  • How the players performed
  • Top player rankings
  • Single player statistics
  • Match statistics
  • Bite-size statistics
  • Player's season statistics
  • Tactical formation

Statistical elements of the Bundesliga match-day:

  • Enhanced match day league table
  • Match day barometer
  • Match day number
  • Star player of the day
  • Worst performance of the day
  • Match day results
  • Tactical formation
  • Week's league table
  • Lists of goal scorers and assists

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