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For ARD, Sport1, Plazamedia (Sky) and numerous other TV stations we have created a bespoke team of graphic designers within our own central studios to create and maintain live graphics for broadcast. Broadband glass fibre-optic networks and satellite link-ups enable us to add real-time graphics to our fixed data supply for large events, such as the German Bundesliga. Visuals can also be supplied for basketball, ice hockey and volleyball .

Virtual broadcast graphics

This relates to virtual overlays, which give spectators fast, additional visual information to the live action (e.g. distance overlays for free-kicks).

Live data as Info-Plus

deltatre AG's live database is connected directly to our graphics service. This means our graphics are constantly updated with key statistical information in real-time.

Analytical graphics

Our expert team of editors evaluate the in-depth data before, during and after matches. This is used to create insightful data graphics.

Mobile broadcast graphics

We have a dedicated fleet of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art mobile graphic broadcast technology. We use high-speed transmission technology and SGI/Onyx computers for real-time 3D animations, and our vehicles can also be hooked up to our sports databases if required.