deltatre AG

The founding of IMPIRE AG in 1988 resulted in the creation of one of the largest independent media service providers in Germany. Our customers include all the big TV stations, renowned publishing companies, internet services, mobile phone companies and all Bundesliga clubs.

Our offering covers scientific sports statistics (e.g. the largest Bundesliga database in Germany), TV broadcast graphics and technology concepts for TV formats, multimedia and content systems.
We currently employ 60 full-time and 90 part-time staff. The company has offices in Ismaning (Munich), Hamburg and Innsbruck (proFILE GmbH).

In Februar 2014, IMPIRE AG was taken over by deltatre. As a result, IMPIRE AG is now able to make statistical data capture, broadcast graphics and media design even more attractive.

Since mid-2014, after a successful change of name, the former IMPIRE AG now operates as a deltatre AG.<//font><//font><//span>