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deltatre AG runs the biggest database of the German Football League (Bundesliga). Our Bundesliga database is the most complex and updated sports database in Germany. A team of approximately 30 employees and 50 freelancers are continually updating and evaluating the incoming data. A sports scientific catalogue of definitions form the basis of our data collection and subsequent data evaluation.

Each German Bundesliga match is watched by four trained observers, including two scouts in the stadium. Statistics on each player are captured live. More than 2,000 incidents are logged per match. Every touch of the ball is documented and every pass, tackle, foul, shot and goal are recorded. Yellow and red cards, meanwhile, are immediately checked with the referee at the end of the match.

Bespoke live data can be provided in real-time (i.e. during the match - via a live ticker or statistics) for all media organisations, including TV channels, online services and print media as well as clubs and professional associations. After the final whistle, all match incidents are analysed again in depth by our specialist editors using video recordings - with any key notes taken during live scouting included in the analysis. Goals, for example, can be differentiated according to 20 different data criteria.

deltatre AG has been evaluating every German Bundesliga match since 1992 using video analysis. The collected data is then stored in a central database. Besides current match data, the Bundesliga database also includes core data about the Bundesliga since it was established in 1963. Clients can also pull up data, facts and analyses in any format they so wish.

As well as German Bundesliga match analysis, data is also available for the Champions League, the Europa League, the DFB Cup, the World Cup and European Championship and the matches of the German national team. Our scouting system can be used for ice hockey, basketball, hand ball, tennis, boxing and other sports.